julia, I was given this wiki as in order to help frame question for a paper I am working on. The question that I initally placed was "Collaborative Intelligence: How schools are adapting to improve student learning." My professor suggested this wiki for help. I didn't realize this was no longer in use. Anyway, in your opinion does this question make sense?

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Shiraz Italia

Revised Question:
What is the benefit of parent involvement in their child's classroom? What can I as the classroom teacher do to promote involvement?

How can I help/encourage parents to become more aware of what is happening in the classroom with regards to assignments and daily activities?
- will access to a wiki space increase their knowledge of what assignments/topics their children are working on?
- will having homework posted on a class wiki increase student completion/parent awareness?

Natasha Findlay
Revised as of June 4/09
In what ways does student motivation and interaction change when students use technology as a collaborative tool to demonstrate their learning achievements.

How will a class website, perhaps wiki, or blog allow for the students to take their learning home with them? If links, homework, assignments, important date, and study guides were posted on a class website would students take the initiative to share their daily learning with a family member at home? Would parents become curious about the on-goings within their child's classroom? How would a class website create a cohesive community where each members has an equal chance to participate?

sarah wickstrom
How does the use of self-assessment through video enhance the teaching and learning? Or in the end is it the main factor in raising achievement?

I believe that digital video can truly stimulate the development of other skills. Specifically, giving students the oppourtunity to watch themsleves in action observing their language skills and watching others. Here we can use assessment as and for learning when students are critiquing others.

The use of video is optional so any student wishing to present their assignment as a skit will do so at their own liking.

My ancedotal observations may include observing how many students choose to take on a multimedia project and those who decided to stay within paramaters of paper and or presenting a drama skit in front of the class. Also, observing the language of the student behind the lens. Do students express themselves better through technology than they do on paper?

My hopes of intergrating digital video are to elevate students' enthusiasm during this particular project. Motivation also remains to be a dominant reason for this integration. In addition to motivation, my hopes are for students to work together and make decisions collaboratively.

An important extension of this question is how do I assess whether the technology would eventually affect test results?

REVISED QUESTION: How can I improve student learning with self-assessment?

This could be through the use of computers i.e. online quizzes, immediate feedback via first class ect . . .

Ryan Neufeld - Inquiry questions ...

Does the use of multi-media tools help students demonstrate a more meaningful/ longer term understanding of the curriculum as evidenced by the higher order thinking skills.

REVISED QUESTION (May 23,2009): How can student critical thinking skills be developed in a Planning 10 classroom?
Sub-question: What technologies would support this?

Revised question August 11, 2009
My revised question is “How does student choice in multi-media tools affect student engagement and learning activities?”

Brad Beaton

Joe Pitacco- pitacco_j@sd36.bc.ca

How effective are online collaborative activities on student (motivation-ie-improved attendance) achievement and or learning.

Samara Bassett

NEW: How can students use video as a reflective mirror and teach/learn interview skills.

How can I use wikis to promote more in-depth thinking and discussion with presenting current events.

Cynthia Syms

How will continual student-teacher-parent communication regarding the completion of assignments affect students’ motivation to complete assignments on time?
- which parents will take the time to view documents stating the status of class assignments
- how will the quality of work be effected?
- how will the students’ attitude toward homework change?
- how will this effect the balance between student responsibility and parental assistance?
- what negative side effects could arise from having this information “public” (within the classroom and the families that are represented there)

Melissa O'Byrne

How can we use technology to improve assessment for and as learning.

If I established an online community for students to collaborate to share their writing, assess each other, and give feedback using the Performance Standards versus just having me as their audience, will students improve their writing skills and develop a better understanding of their own skills and the aspects of writing we are looking for?

Matt Lepin - Matt's Inquiry QuestionsHow can engagement and participation of at-risk, severe behaviour youth be improved? If I have students make digital stories to show learning, what will i notice about student engagement and motiviation?

Melody Ross
Field Inquiry #1: Who will a class website with several layers of scaffolding benefit?
SubQuestions: How can such a website provide opportunities for differentiated instruction and alternative methods of class participation? Who uses a class website, and what do they expect from it? What features best support them? What are students' attitudes towards class websites?
How can a class website be a hub, rather than a dead end? How will students' contribution to the building and maintaining of a website affect their attitude towards the website and their learning?

Brian Tattam's link to early field Study Question
How I can change the way I introduce new topics/projects for maximum student engagement?

Jessica Tailor

How can a website help with student success in completing homework and handing assignments in on time?

Changed/Revised Question: If I create a class website, what will I notice about parent involvement in student learning?
Sub Questions: Will students become more accountable? Will parents get more involved? Will a website make it easier to communicate with parents?

Mani Grewal
What can I use in my Automotive technology classes to improve my students vehicle diagnostic skills? How will their diagnostic skills improve by using the following tools?
  • Use of ALL_DATA
  • Use of on-line forums
  • Use of audio/video simulation .
  • Use of Scanner

  • -___---
    Marcia Kondo
    How can media and online games affect the motivation and participation of learning sight words for Grade 1 students?
    -Will the learning be affected positively, negatively or have no affect?
    -will parents help their children access this online so it can be used at home? How can I encourage them successfully?
    --will this help motivate and result in improvement for ESL learners? How how at-risk learners?
    -Will boys and girls respond differently to the use of technology (i.e. motivation, participation)?
    -will it be beneficial to get the assistance from a "Big Buddy" class?

    Kristy Harrison

    How will the use of computer simulations improve student understanding of biological processes?

    Robyn Tsuji
    How does peer feedback, through the use of collaborative tools, affect written output?
  • How will the volume of writing increase?
  • How will it motivate students to write?
  • How will it change the quality of students' writing?

Lisa Robles

How will the use of a class website affect student and parent accountablilty?

REVISED QUESTION: How can a class website support student learning?

Greg Farrugia

(How) will music theory programs enhance understanding of music rudiments?

Revised #1 If I use Music Theory Programs with specific LST students, what will I notice about their performance skills?

How can they be transformed from rote learners to more visual learners if possible?

Don Suchynsky

How can I improve motivation of my students for learning about history?
  • Will students be more engaged or motivated by using multi-media tools such as Powerpoint or video?
  • Will students be more interested in learning about history when they have more choices to demonstrate their learning?

Simran Chhokar

How does the use of multimedia tools increase student participation and understanding of mathematical concepts? ( ie. Number sense)
Revised question
When students use online games and virtual manipulative, how will it impact student recall of multiplication facts?

How will the use of technology tools such as, blogs, video, voice recorder, ect, improve and promote student-student interactions in a Late French Immersion class, thus accelerate language acquisition?

Improved question ( I hope! )

In what ways will I observe a change in student to student interaction if I integrate tools such as blogs, podcats, and video in a French Immersion class?

How will it affect language acquisition and fluency?

How will an increase in technology usage affect the acquisition of French language?

Simon Nadeau

Craig Tessier
How can I increase student collaboration inside/outside of the classroom inorder to create new learning experiences?

Karyn Johnson
The Very Fuzzy Question and Why is it Important

Adam Lipsky

Stage 1
How can i increase retention of knowledge for procedural decision making in my classes? (memory)

Stage 2
How will an increase in technology usage effect procedural decisions for project based lessons? (memory, planning, project development, quality, assesment)


How can 3d visualization, repetition, and collaberation increase the retention of knowledge?
Why is this relavent to real world applications? How does this connect to future jobs?
How can I improve engagement in my project based learning? (motivation)

Kevin Lee, MusiKLEE@hotmail.com

How can a website motivate student learning? How can it be used to improve study/practice habits? How will it increase parent involvement?

Alysha Thomson

How can the use of technology increase student learning in P.E.?
I will be looking at how I can use heart rate monitors to help the learner stay within a healthy heart rate level and make fitness more enjoyable.

How can the use of technology increase student learning and accountability in the P.E. Leadership class?
I will be creating a class website or wiki to assist in the learning and accountability in the P.E. Leadership class.

Kim Sturn
How will spending 20 minutes a day for four weeks using internet phonemic awareness programs affect the phonemic awareness of grade one students?
Will there be benefits to using technology to develop phonemic awareness? Will there be drawbacks?

How will the use of technology impact the learning of struggling learners?

How will the use of technology impact the learning of students who have more advanced skills?

How much support will the students need to be able to use the technology effectively?

Sheryl Gill
How can I make students more accountable for their intensity level in activity in a PE class?

How can I keep parents informed and students accountable for their success in the classroom? Would a website or wiki be mors effective?

Mike Dumouchelle

“What ways can provide a forum for student-centred collaboration for reflection on key concepts in Science 8?”