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Simran, Matt, Simon, Mike, Marcia

Girls are more social learners

Boys seem to be more engaged using technology but does it improve their learning?
Girls seem to do better using technology and complete their work with more detail.
How does technology improve the learning with boys? With girls?
Is there a gender gap using technology?
Starting to separate the genders during class time but will mix them during lunch, PE, and other electives


Boy calls 911 over sis hogging computer 1

A five-year-old Kelowna boy now knows to only call 911 in emergencies.
The youngster called police in a fit because his six-year-old sister was hogging the computer, police said Tuesday.
After threatening to call the cops on his sister, the boy dialed 911, told the operator he needed help and hung up.
When officers arrived at the Glenmore house, with the parents at home, and found no emergency, a Mountie took the boy aside for a chat. He then asked: When is it OK to call 911?
The boy said to call only when there’s a fire, when someone is hurt or when a stranger is trying to hurt you.
“The lad also made it clear that 911 shouldn’t be called when your sister won’t let you on the computer,” said RCMP Const. Steve Holmes.
He said 911 operators take countless non-emergency calls — “some as trivial as asking for sports scores or calling for a taxi.”
The 911 operators even get seasonal calls from people wanting to know how to cook a turkey.
For non-emergencies that need police attention, the non-emergency numbers are in the phone book.

Some resources:

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Single Sex Education

Journal of Technology Education Vol. 10 No. 2, Spring 1999Research in Technology Education—Some Areas of Need
Theodore Lewis

Nematullah SHOMOOSSI·, Mohammad AMOUZADEH··, Saeed KETABI·

Gender and Technology in Education: A Research Review, Jo SandersJune, 2005

Assessment, Authenticity, Plagarism - French room Plagiarism Discussion Transforming Our Understanding of Copyright and Fair Use
plagiarism and integrity

Cell phones/personal devices - Planning roomMelody, Jessica, Lisa, Greg, Kevin

Study on the regulation of cellphones and mp3 players in classrooms:

Group: Alysha, Craig, Karyn, Brian

PDA's in the Classroom
Blog The Mobile Learner:


- Do you allow in your class? Yes - 14 No - 3
- Educational Values? - Camera, Video, Storage, Calculator, Research, Calendar
- Downsides? - Distractions, Fights, Safety, Bullying, Cheating, Thefts
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Diverse Learners - Bus Ed 1

diverse learners and technology
Diverse Learner's Issues
diverse learner video
collection of research
Meeting the Needs of Diverse Learners article
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Social Media/Networks - Bus Ed 2