Name of group members

Julia Poole

Alysha Thomson

Craig Tessier

Brian Tattam

Karyn Johnson

Melissa O'Byrne

Shiraz Italia

Natasha Findlay

Matt Lepin

Ryan Neufeld

Mike Dumouchelle

Criteria for Portfolio will be developed in class but might include:
Shows connections among beliefs/theory and evidence, implications and plans for the future learning?
Continuing what we have learned e.g. journaling,blogging, screen capture from website or other format, take a photo of classroom example, student work, student survey, including highs and lows of your experiences.
Analogies, symbols.
Define/formulate a learning statement. What is important about what you have done?
Highlight your learning in one or two sentences. Revisit these regularly throughout the term.

Includes evidence to support that learning statement.
Some of the examples or things you take from the classroom or LTT sessions.

Connects evidence to learning statements

Connects capacities to your learning statements

Take each of these and fill in examples as you go.
Copy and paste these capacities into your working portfolio and add examples as you identify them.

TLITE Capacities
Autonomous Lifelong Learner

Reflective Practitioner

Critical Practitioner

Facilitator of Learning

Knowledgeable Educator

Supportive Colleague

Educational Leader

User of Technology

Portfolio Elements

  • Learning statements
  • Evidence of

How has your practice altered, expanded, changed?
Think about the way you teach, re-examine what you have done and the implementation of technology. What technologies you have started to use and how you feel about them, the way you use them and compare how you did it before.