Group Members

Kimberly Sturn (first class)
Kevin Lee
Melody Ross (first class)
Greg Farrugia
Kristy Harrison
Lisa Robles (first class)
Jessica Tailor (first class)
Samara Bassett (first class)
Marcia Kondo (first class)
Sheryl Gill (first class)

Reflection/ Posts:
Quality Posts vs Number of Posts: (criteria: successes, failures, direction-related, connections & critical reflections on readings, relating outside resources to growth, variety of topics covered, relating to capacities)
Frequency: Posts every two weeks (one minimum/ more if you want)
Kinds of Posts: Guest Speakers; readings; new learnings; struggles; solutions; inspirational moments (aha's), General information; sharing resources, questions, answers; learning statements (how you have changed as a teacher/ teaching style/ learning style?)

Stuff for Portfolios (year one):
  • student work samples (exemplars)
  • reflections/ journal/ blog/ wiki entries or posts (on key moments/ events)
  • autobiographies (your initial autobiography & subsequent revisits to it)
  • action plans/ learning plans (and reflections on these plans-Did the plan work? What could I have done differently? etc)
  • capacities (where you started + changes that you can identify and support with evidence (reflections/ artifacts) along the way)
  • artifacts you create (slideshows/ videos/ screenshots/ screencasts etc)