Posted by Barb. The questions below came out of the June 6th session. Other questions may be important that don't appear on this page. Please bring those questions up in the large group so that they can be addressed as well.

Question 1: What are the dates for next summer?
Answer: August 16 to August 27 2010

Question 2: What’s going to CHANGE?
How are the expectations going to change for our program?
Many members of this cohort signed on for TLITE but now find themselves in LTT – what will the differences be?
Our idea is to let you know today which changes are definite. We will talk tomorrow about what is possible and flexible within the new LTT model, and ask what YOU as a group would like to keep or change within the two models. Marlowe will be asking for your input on that Thursday.
The discussion below will concern only the changes that are definite.

Question 3: How will we be asked to represent our learning?
In representing and sharing my learning, what do I NOT have a choice about?
Do I have to write an essay each semester? If we are being encouraged to focus on our own growth and our own practice, why are we being given no choice in how and to whom our growth and learning is reported?
When we write a Field study report – who is the audience? Who is this writing for?

Answer in 2 parts:
Field study Reports: The Field study report that has been done in the past will no longer be required as a formal paper. Instead, you’ll be asked to cover the same information and criteria when you share your field study, but can choose other means of representation. You will share your field studies in person, at a class session. You can choose to prepare a PowerPoint, a paper, a brochure, a movie, a photo essay, a story, or an oral retelling supported with tangible examples as evidence, to name a few ideas. Criteria for sharing or reporting your field study (based on essential questions) will be posted on the WIKI. Your presentation of your first field study will be in late November (or possibly December 2) 2009. We will talk about it again in the September mentor session.
You will be still asked to complete a portfolio summary each semester, which will incorporate learning statements from your field study work as well as learning statements that may come out of engaging with the special topics themes and readings and your participation in the dialogue and collaboration of the learning community. These portfolio summaries will follow the criteria you've already received. (see ePortfolios page, The Portfolio Process). Portfolios will still be shared with your peers, and mentors will still give feedback on each portfolio.

Question 4: What is our new meeting schedule?
How many times will we be meeting?
We expected the TLITE model of meetings when we signed up. How will this change?

Old dates: Fall(September) Semester
Total of 12 meetings, 6 on Wednesdays, 6 on Saturdays.
September 16 - Room 3
September 19 - Room 2,3
September 30 - Room 3
October 3 - Room 2,3
October 14 - Room 3
October 17 - Room 2,3
October 28 - Room 3
November 14 - Room 3
November 25 - room 3
November 28 - Room 3
December 2 - Room 3
December 5 - Room 3

New dates:
Total of 10 meetings, all on Wednesdays. No Saturday meetings.
Schedule will be 3 meetings per month:
Two whole-group meetings per month, with Marlowe (& sometimes Barb) facilitating. These dates cannot be flexible, are set by the Fied Programs AdminTeam, and will be posted to the WIKI ASAP.
One mentor group meeting per month. With the exception of September’s meeting and the final sharing session at the end of the semester, this meeting will be set at the convenience of that particular mentor group. So, it may be set for any day of the week, as long as that group can find a venue to meet together (someone’s home, someone’s school lab, etc.) If venues/ equipment will be a problem, we will have to set the mentor meeting dates and book a single venue for everyone for those dates.
Which Wednesdays?
Marlowe will be the instructor in the fall semester. His schedule is set by the admin team at Field Programs, as it must be coordinated with other programs that meet on Wednesday. The Admin Team has not yet set that schedule. So, unfortunately, we have to ask you to clear ALL of your Wednesdays up to December 2nd. The minute we hear from the Admin team, we will post the dates on the WIKI.
Meanwhile, keep clear if humanly possible:

September 9
September 16
September 23
September 30
October 7
October 14
October 21
October 28
November 4
November 18
November 25
December 2

Question 5: What about research and theoretical readings?
How much focus will there be on reading as research (finding and reading papers on our study areas)?

From what I’ve seen, all of you are using your online research skills to locate 2-3 peer-reviewed articles or reputable book chapters that give you some theoretical background or research perspective on your particular Inquiry question. These articles need to be fully cited in whatever means you choose to document your field study.
For those who wish to go on to the Masters, now is a good time to get used to using APA format. See for guidelines.

You’ll also receive specific readings from the facilitator/ instructor each semester, that all of you will be asked to read and critically discuss. Number of readings and topic of readings will vary with each instructor and each semester. However, from what I’ve heard from some of you, this will be much the same in workload and intent as the articles you received from Julia in your first semester.

Question 6: Will we have another new FA in fall 2010?

Barb has learned to make no promises or predictions! Secondment contracts are set one year at a time. Barb will work happily with this cohort until June 2010 or until she has become redundant. And the intention at this point is that Marlowe will remain as FA until the program ends. But the future is always open to change due to yearly contractual negotiations.

Question 7: What about virtual meetings?
We will be having virtual meetings with our mentor groups frequently. Can these “count” toward the number of hours we are required to put in?
Question 8: Using new technologies:?
If we are all expected to use common technologies, will individuals or the group all be taught how to use each one if it is unfamiliar?
Question 9: Portfolios?
Do we have a choice about portfolio representations?
Answer: All of these questions require some dialogue that includes everyone. Stay tuned.