Assignment 1 - Issue Paper
You will be working in a group of about 8. This group will split into two smaller groups of about 4 to share with the other issue groups.
Wednesday you will formalize the groups that you are in.
Cell Phone / Personal Device
Diverse Learners
Plaigarism / Authenticity / Assessment
Social Media

We have already had a brainstorm / resource starting points on Issue Discussions
As a larger group, discuss, research grow your concept
Work with VoiceThread to share your ideas and develop

On Monday of Week 2 - you will have some finalizing time to add to your VoiceThread.
On Tuesday you will break into your smaller groups of 4 and have a jigsaw group of different issues and share highlights from the VoiceThread. (About 1 hour for all 4 groups to share their issues.)

Assignment 2 - Workshop / Presentation
During the two week summer institute, everyone should have presented a workshop.

Format -
You may work in small groups to present and share
Approx 1 hour
Open ended format -
Birds of a Feather Discussion
Overview of an idea or way of thinking
Sharing a technology skill
Exploring / Developing as a group

Assignment 3 - Field Study Intent
Prepare your Field Study for work in the Fall
Find and review at least 2 research articles
Share with your mentor