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This page is created to start discussing what we want to learn more about. Please add to section 2 "Areas of Learning" you want to see addressed. Try to state your learning outcome you are trying to address rather than just a name of a software so that we can perhaps suggest other ways to address that learning outcome.
Please write your name, and also tell us if you are willing to give a presentation in August and the topic you will present on under the section titled "I would be willing to lead a session on...".

1. Formal Sessions - We are planning to offer concurrent session if there is a demand for these:

File Management for Documents & for Multimedia (images, types, connections) (1 hour) How to organize and store info- Julia L
Self Directed Troubleshooting (Help Menus Tutorials) (1 hour) - Paul
Sharing methods / locations (1 or more) - Kevin - flash / FC / Docs / Wiki / Blogs / site / huge files
Blogs (more than an hour)
Wikis (more than an hour)
Podcasts (more than an hour)
Digital photography- Visual Literacy and Narrative - Julia Leong
Videography - The language of film- Julia Leong

2. Areas of Learning - which tools assist with the learning outcome

A) Websites
- What widgets, resources, links, etc. are useful on a class website to enagage, support, and instruct students (specifically in English classes)? How can websites be easily updated and maintained? What are the limitations and possibilities with FirstClass websites? (Melody/Alysha (but not specific to English))
- FirstClass Website - I would like to learn how to create a website on first class (Jessica/Lisa/Alysha/Kim) Me too -Brad

Me too (Sheryl)

- I would also like to learn how to create a website (Kevin/Alysha-me too-Brad/Kim/Greg)
- Me too (Samara)
Me too (Sheryl)

- I would like to find out if it is possible to have a marks spreadsheet that I can update on my computer and it will automatically update on an online source somehow somewhere. (I have already created my own spreadsheet database) Could I cut parts of that spreadsheet so that everybody’s mark was not visible by all? (Cynthia/Alysha)
Me too (Sheryl)

I want to learn about how to use all the tools in First Class and smartboard lessons- Joe Pitacco
I would like to learn how to fully use all the tools in First Class (Kim)

B) Wikis
- Want to learn more about Wikis, want to know how to engage students in dicussion on wikis. Want to learn about animation (Mani)
- I would also like to learn more about Wikis-how to set up properly, manage and get all students involved. (Robyn,Alysha, Natasha)
- I also want to learn how to use a wiki effectively to keep parents informed and help students that are absent. (Shiraz, Natasha)
- I would like to manage my wiki efficiently, and make it an interactive tool for both students and parents. I want to be able to use other tools to encourage/promote interactions (in French) between students. (Simon, not in French Natasha)

C) Technology: Hardware and Software
- Would like to learn about the smartboard...more about how it works and options for use as a tool to engage learning (Sim)
- I would like to learn about video screen capture software, how we can use it in the district, copyright info, avi vs flash, file formats, strategies for teaching, file organising and streaming in SD 36. (Adam)
- Video screen capture software. (Kristy/Lisa)
- A chance to play with and try various technologies/software programs, including photo and video editing, podcasts, etc... Also some more Collaboration type tools. (Craig) me too -Brad
Me too (Sheryl)

- I would like to learn more about video, podcasting and how to give at risk youth a voice. I would like to look at other ways of expressing oneself other than writing. (Matt/Kim) Like the idea of helping students find a voice and share their stories in unique ways (pics, movies) NEUF
- I would like to try making a green screen production from start to finish. (Kim)
- How can media products like brochures, magazines, posters, etc. be made to look professional with software like Adobe InDesign? (Melody)
Melody, if you have this software in your class, I can help you with Indesign & photoshop. You might also try "Pages" if you want quick templates. Are you trying to teach page layout and design or do you just want templates? What are you trying to teach? (Julia Leong) --I don't currently have these programs at Semiahmoo Secondary, but hopefully will in the fall. Many times throughout the year, especially in media literacy units, students have the options of making media products, and I'd like to be able to give them more guidance on how to move past basic Word-made brochures, etc. I also will be teaching a couple of couple of courses for the first time next year that will incorporate design and page layout, so any help understanding more about those programs would be useful. (Melody) Pages has sweet templates!
- Photoshop type applications (Alysha Natasha Kim)
- Screen casting (Alysha)
- Compress Videos and post on Wikis (Mani) I can help with that a bit Mani... struggled myself. (Neuf)
I would like to learn more about using multimedia in the classroom ie. imbedding youtube videos onto powerpoint presentations or onto the wikis, and learn to use more powerpoint game templates in my classroom.(Don/Kim)
- I would like to look at new music education hardware and software so that students can better share their music compositions. (Greg)
D) Writing Tools
- I would really like to experience more writing tools where we look at ways to enhance a writing workshop. Is it possible to edit effectively with the highlighter in microsoft word to edit essays and add comments to other students essays. Will this engage students or just save paper?
(Sarah) I wanted to create a story in the wiki that students could add to and change etc. but never got around to it... might be neat. (Neuf)
- I would like to find ways to use techonology to teach spelling to my grade 5/6 students in a hands on way without using traditional spelling tests to assess them with. (Shiraz)
- I would like to find ways of improving sight word recognition and spelling in my grade ones using technology. (Kim)

E) Other
- copyright info, avis vs flash, file formats, strategies for teaching, file organising and streaming in SD 36 (Adam)
-review on how to use RSS feeds (Melody)
- I would like to know what information we are allowed to show on websites in Surrey (pictures of students, names, etc?) (Kim)
- I would be interested in learning how to trouble shoot on my computer when things get stuck! (Kim) And HOW! (Neuf)

3. I would be willing to lead a session on:

- iPhone Apps and possible uses in the classroom/ wikis uses, student responses etc. (Neuf)
- Adobe Software. I can help in PhotoShop and Indesign.
- iMovie. I have a lot of experience in. I can help with movie compression. (Brian Tattam)