Shape of the day
Aug 14

Aug. 11

10:15 Write a reflection on:
Essential Questions
  1. How does web 2.0 impact teaching and learning?
  2. What are transformative ways of working with technology? How am I currently using technology?
  3. What is the digital divide? Who are my students and what is their relationship to technology?
  4. Who is or should be in control of the learning in my classroom? What role does technology play in this?
  5. How do we assess new media and various forms of knowledge?
  6. What are the questions that have arisen in my exploration of technologies? What is teacher inquiry?

12:30 conferencing or workshops

June 3rd at Simon Cunningham 4:00 - 8:00
Revising your inquiry question
What data to collect to answer your question

May 20 - Simon Cunningham
4:00 - Brainstorming the issues
Cluster questions, consider +- of goals and questions, Is there a clear goal in the qu? Does it challenge you to change?
4:45 Revise/ review of Inquiry Question - examples
- Comments from the larger group on wiki
5:00 - Creating an action Plan / Refining an Action Plan
6:00 Dinner
6:30 - In class writing- blog
7:00 Find Bar code - time permitting Advanced google searching
8:00 Confirming June 3,6, and Summer Locations Reminder at SFU Sat and June 3

May 23 SFU Surrey, Room 3100
ERIC search - Research your question. Find articles
Homework: Reading - Chapter 3 - Data Collection - First 1/2 - p 36 to 56

June 3 SFU Surrey Room 3240 Cheryl A. Data collection

June 6

May 9- Cunningham
Review Shape of Day
Locations and Summer Locations
9:00 Read Respond to someone else's Lenoard Cohen quote/ Reflection from last week.
Discuss lesson plan ideas
- Starting with an Idea - Why Bother type?

Peer pitch in mentor group- get feedback Go over due date Jun 6
10:00 Work on Developing an inquiry question
Do & post
10:45 Break
11:00 Discuss Ch 1. Art of Inquiry- Focus question...(Kevin)
- What has been your most important question in your teaching so far?
- What are the learning objectives embedded in your question

11:45 - Fuzzy question Carousel - Tag cloud - Inspiration
  • Develop your inquiry question and search (Should be leaning toward your Fall Field Study) - Needed for May 23 research session
    • Create a Web (online or paper)
    • Start with your question - expand on key ideas and keywords
    • 12:00 - share / swap / carousel to add to 3 others web

12:15 Lunch
1:00 Reflection- post blog about "Why is this question important to me"
What image of competence and success draws me forward to
the future
What motivates me to learn?
GOALS and QUESTIONS What specific aspects of my vision do I want to work on at this
time? What am I aiming for in the next few weeks or months?
What questions do I need to explore?
1:30 - Discuss might the end goal look like? What technologies could be used to achieve that goal?
  • I want students working collaboratively to understand ..... - What does that look like in the end?
1:45 - What do you want to learn in the summer?

2:00 Ch 2 Art of Inquiry Discussion

3:00 departures
Homework: Post your inquiry question to the wiki prior to May 20th

April 25 at Surrey Conference Centre

8:30 to 11:30 - Participating with TLITE final Demonstrations

Work on Developing the Action Plan
Link to Assignments
- begin to develop an inquiry question

More information

April 22 at Simon Cunningham
Read Ch 1 - Art of Inquiry
Read Ch 9 - Blogs, Wikis and Podcasts - What it all means?
Read Learning Module 6 - Designing Learning Projects

4:00 Overview of next term and discussion of assignments - Julia Leong

5:00 Mentor Group Time
Work on Developing the Action Plan
Link to Assignments

6:00 Dinner Break

6:30 In class write
- definition of inquiry-based learning (vs. research)
- reflect on readings
- post reflection - in class
- begin to develop an inquiry question

7:00 Formal Technology Workshop - and troubleshooting room
7:00 File Management (extensions) for Documents () & File Management for Multimedia (images, types, connections) () - Julia L
7:20 Self Directed Troubleshooting (Help Menus Tutorials) () - Paul
7:40 Sharing methods / locations () - Kevin - flash / FC / Docs / Wiki / Blogs / site / huge files / comments / forums
- Volunteer Scribes for each session

8:00 Home Time

Past classes for those who were absent

March 25
Who am I as a Learner presentations: Marcia, Adam, ...

Handouts: Learning Modules on:
  • Distribute Art of Inquiry
  • Reflection
*Discussion about what me mean by Learning? What does it look like in this program? How do we demonstrate it? How does self direrected learning relate to community? How do we facilitate it?

March 28


  • Preparing a Learning Plan
  • Alan November - Infomate vs Automate
  • Bernajean Porter - Adaptive, Transformative uses of Tech

9:00 Welcome and introsMixer - JLeong to organize
9:30 Teacher presentations on who they are as teachers and learners 2 rooms, concurrent presentations
10.45 break

11:00 Discussion on portfolios and development of criteria in mentor groups. Report back to group
12:00 Read Handouts _ Bernajean Porter - Transformative learning & A. Nov.
What are "good" uses of technology activity - JLeong to lead discussion in mentor group
lunch - 12:30
1:00 Reflection time. Write a reflection about the readings
2.00 Mentor group time. Sharing of autobiographies to mentor groups.
3.00 Departures
Homework: Read handouts: Preparing a learning plan and Ch 1 Art of inquiry

March 7