Term 3 Snacks

Oct 16
Sept 23 Paul's #1(Samara, Sheryl, Lisa, Kevin, Jessica)
Sept 30 Kevin's #1(Simran, Cynthia, Sarah, Robyn, Brad)
Oct 7 Julia's #1 (Shiraz, Brian
Oct 14 or Oct 21 Julia's #2
Nov 4 Kevin's #2
Nov 18 Paul's #2 (Kristy, Melody, Kim, Greg, Marcia)
Dec 2 Mentors and Facilitators

Please add your name next to the date for bringing snacks
Snack for Summer institute Guilford park

Monday Mentors and Julia Leong
Tues, Julia Poole's group
Wed Kevin's group
Thurs Paul's group
Friday Barb Marlowe

April 22 - Meeting at Simon Cunningham Library

Summer (May) Semester
April 25 - Surrey District Conference Centre - Room 1,2,3 - Final Demos - Julia Poole's group Alysha, Craig, Karyn, Brian, Matt
May 9 - Surrey District Conference Centre - Room 2,3 - With Macbooks- Kevin to Lead._Kevin's group Cynthia, Robyn, Simran ,Simon
May 20 - location TBA - Paul's group Greg Kristy (pita/humus) Jessica (timbits) Marcia (meat/cheese/crackers plate) Melody (small fruit plate) kim veggie plate and juice
rict Conference Centre - Room 2 - Tentative SFU Surrey with librarian Holly Hendrigan - Julia Poole's group to bring snacks Mike, Melissa, Ryan, Natasha, Shiraz
June 3 - SFU SURREY - Room 1 Cheryl Amundsen - Kevin's group to bring snacks Sarah Brad Adam Joe
June 6-Oh oh, who is supposed to bring snacks today? :)

- I will bring snacks tomorrow Kim (I don't know if it is my group or not but it might be!)
Summer Institute - August 10 to 15 8:30 to 3:30 at a Surrey school TBA
Aug. 15th at Surrey SFU